Vision, Mission, Core Values Statement

Our Vision

To be a premier institution for quality training and education in the baking and related industries in Singapore and the region.

Our Mission

To create opportunities for ALL learners to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies for home-based business and for employment in the baking and related industries in Singapore and other parts of the world.

Our Values
  • BOLDNESS – We exhibit boldness and a strong will to win in every aspect of our business.
  • IMPROVEMENTS – We continuously improve and innovate in pursuit of excellence.
  • TEAMWORK – We put company interest before individual interests to work towards and accomplish the larger objectives of the company.
  • COMMITMENT – We are committed to being the best and deliver superior results for all.

Our corporate logo represents:

The Chef’s hat represents the goal of our students to become professional members of the baking industry.

The baking pin symbolizes patisserie and baking as an industry.

BITC stands for “Baking Industry Training College”.


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