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Kickstart your first step towards your culinary dreams. Whether you are an amateur at baking or looking to expand your culinary skills, our team of expert veteran Chefs and wide range of curated programs will level you up in no time! 

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BAKE ARTISAN & DECORATIVE BREADS TGS-2018502633 (Date: 28/10/2022)

"Chef Bernard is a very attentive and understanding chef-tailored to all students needs. Very effective lessons as first-timer can produced very nice and delicious breads. Thank you."


MAKE YEAST-RAISED PASTRIES TGS-2019503479 (Date: 24/10/2022)

"Chef Won is knowledgeable and the course was short and nice as well. It was not long-winded."


INTERMEDIATE DIM SUM TGS-2018502552 (Date: 31/10/22)

"Chef Jasmine Mah is so helpful and confidante in many ways to her students, very much appreciated!"


MAKE BASIC BREADS TGS-2018500753 (Date: 10/11/2022)

"Both instructors are well qualified with adequate relevant knowledge which acquired and benefitted from. Gaining the relevant bread making knowledge through theory and practical exercise in this course. Also through this course we set to learn and practice making many different types of breads. Thank you."


MAKE BASIC CAKES TGS-2018500754 (Date: 1/12/2022)

"Good chef instructors and can learn many theories in baking. Excellent facilities too".

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