Course Information

You can choose from the following diploma courses, WSQ Pastry and Baking courses, certificate courses, short certificate courses, and other courses:

Diploma Courses
  1. Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts
  2. Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie and Baking)
  3. Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Patisserie and Baking)
  4. Diploma in Baking & Patisserie
WSQ Pastry and Baking Courses
  1. Make Tarts and Short-Crust Pastries
  2. Make Basic Cakes
  3. Make Basic Bread
  4. Make Muffins and Scones
  5. Make Cookies
  6. Prepare Sweet and Savoury Fillings, Sauces and Creams
  7. Prepare Icing, Chocolate and Glazes
  8. Prepare Basic Dim Sum Dishes
  9. Prepare Dry Heat and Moist Heat Asian Desserts (Intermediate Dim Sum)
  10. Prepare Advanced Dim Sum Dishes
  11. Bake Artisan and Decorative Breads
  12. Prepare Advanced Cakes
  13. Make Cafe Styled Breads
Certificate Courses
  1. Certificate in Asian Pastry Making
  2. Certificate of Proficiency in Baking
  3. Certificate in Cake Decoration
  4. Certificate of Proficiency in Bread Making (English or Chinese)
  5. Certificate of Proficiency in Cake Making
  6. Certificate of Proficiency in Pastry Making
  7. NITEC in Services in Pastry & Baking
  8. Certificate in Baking Principles
Short Courses
  1. Certificate in Bread Making Principle
  2. Certificate in Cake Making Principle
  3. Certificate in Pastry Making Principle
  4. Certificate in California Style Baking
  5. Certificate in Noodle Making
  6. Certificate in Wedding Cake Decoration
  7. Entrepreneurial Baking
Continuing Education Workshops
  1. Chocolate Extravaganza
  2. Durian Madness
  3. Irresistible Cakes
  4. Mooncakes
  5. Cheese Cakes
  6. Buttercream Flora Piping
  7. Chinese New Year Goodies
  8. Singapore Favourites
  9. Baked Buns
  10. Paus
Other Programmes
  1. Customised Programmes
  2. Corporate Events

For more information, please click on the course title and it will lead you to the individual course webpage.

All courses are taught in English and some courses are available in Chinese as stated in the course information.

For courses offered on a modular basis, students can complete each module in their own time. If a student fails a module of a Diploma program, he will have to retake the module within a given time.

There is no holiday break other than the gazetted public holidays.

The Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts takes 4 months to complete on a full-time basis whereas part-time takes 18 months.

Eligibility Criteria

Yes, you can attend courses at BITC even if you are not working in a related industry. 

You may wish to enrol in short courses, certificate courses, or WSQ courses as these courses do not require any prior knowledge or skills in baking.

BITC’s Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts requires student applicants to have Nitec in Pastry & Baking or equivalent qualification. However, applicants who have been working in a senior position in the baking industry and possess a minimum of 3 years hands-on baking experience may apply for exemption from this criterion by providing a letter from their employer.

Course Registration

You can come personally to register or send us the completed registration form by mail and registration for courses is confirmed only upon payment. Classes with less than the minimum number of students may be cancelled.

Foreign students can enrol for full-time courses such as Certificate of Proficiency in Baking, Diploma in Patisserie and Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts, and Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie & Baking).

  1. Please make sure that you register with BITC and apply for a Student’s Pass well in advanced of the start date of your course.
  2. You need to apply for the Student’s Pass as it is stipulated by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) that any foreigner, who wishes to pursue full-time studies in Singapore in an institution, is required to apply for a Student’s Pass. It may take about 2-4 weeks for a Student’s Pass to be processed by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

For more information on immigration information and services, please visit their homepage at: http://www.ica.gov.sg

You can open a bank account only after Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has approved your application to study in Singapore.

Career Development

For those with the pre-requisites and who can commit to completing diploma level courses, we recommend:

  1. Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Patisserie & Baking) for those who are keen in starting their bakery, cafe or F&B business.
  2. Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie & Baking) for those who want to be a Pastry Chef in the Hospitality Industry.
  3. Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts for those who want to learn only baking and pastry arts and not, entrepreneurship or hospitality management.

For those without the pre-requisites and who can only commit to certificate level courses, we recommend:

  1. Certificate of Proficiency in Bread Making – English/Chinese
  2. Certificate of Proficiency in Cake Making – English/Chinese
  3. Certificate of Proficiency in Pastry Making – English/Chinese
  4. Certificate in Asian Pastry Making
  5. Certificate in Cake Decoration

Students who have successfully graduated from our diploma courses can apply for the post of Pastry Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, Pastry Chef (Part-Time) and Cake Decorator, if they meet the recruitment criteria set by individual employers.


All payment is strictly by Cash, NETS, Internet Banking through local banks, Telegraphic Transfer, Demand Draft, Cashier’s Order, Bank Draft or Cheque made payable to “Baking Industry Training College Pte Ltd” and crossed A/C Payee only.

Full payment is required for all courses and modules except when installment plans are given in the course information. Please check with BITC Administration Office for more information.

Please call BITC Administration Office at Tel: (65) 6276 6337; (65) 6276 6608; (65) 6336 3462 for more information or email: bakingskills@bitc.edu.sg


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