Get To Know Our Amazing Chefs

Chef Amanda Poon

A pastry lover with an inquisitive mind, Chef Amanda relishes discovering the beautiful effects of every ingredient that goes into making a delightful pastry. She enjoys studying the pastry making process and in her own creation, the final touches to making an exceptional product is never compromised. Always inspiring and a great encourager, Chef Amanda grabs every opportunity to rally her clients to step out of their comfort zone, be courageous in experimenting and never be afraid to fail.

Chef Alan Foo

Bronze Medalist of Food & Hotel Asia Culinary Competition, Chef Alan is a meticulous chef who pays great attention in using the most appropriate techniques in preparing different culinary dishes. His culinary expertise cuts across a variety of cuisines including Western Fine Dining, Italian, Japanese and of course Chinese spread such as Dim Sum. Driven by his passion to share and impart knowledge to aspiring chefs and home bakers, Chef Alan’s training workshops are peppered with demonstrations and close guidance on hands-on activities for the clients. You can expect a highly engaging session with him.

Chef Bernard Chua

A master pastry chef with more than four decades of experience in pastry kitchens of leading hotels in Singapore, Chef Bernard never rests on his laurels. Hardworking, driven and motivated, Chef Bernard is always challenging himself to develop and create new recipes for Masterclasses that he delivers.  From breads, cakes to cookies, Chef is constantly working on R&D to churn out new and innovative bakes for his learners.  A testament to his desire for continuous learning is his recent achievement of the WSQ Diploma in Adult Continuous Education (DACE), thereby equipping himself not just as a skilled chef trainer but a professional curriculum developer as well.

Chef Goh Ching Nee

Recognized for her creativity and detailing work in pasty creations, it is no wonder that Chef Goh’s works have gained coverage in mainstream media such as Channel 8 and Lianhe Wanbao.  Chef Goh began to distinguish herself from her cohort  at an early stage of her career.  Her natural flair in producing bakes with a unique spin – be it the medley of flavors that enhances the palate, or ideating an exquisite plating that ‘wows’, has earned her works being selected as signature bakes in the various organizations she was with.  In her role as a Chef Trainer, Chef Goh sets high standards for her clients while creating an enjoyable learning experience that motivates them to excel in their pastry production.

Chef Gan You Cheng

Chef Gan You Cheng joined the baking line in early 1980s. He had been working as a baking instructor since the middle of 1980s. He studied in American Institute of Baking 1985 and conducted courses in Australia due to an instructor exchange programme. He currently conducts courses of Bread, Pastry, Cake and Dim Sum in the College. He joined BITC 1992 at the foundation of the College and has witnessed the development of it  from a baby to one of the leading Baking Training Colleges in Singapore. As a baking instructor working nearly forty years in this line, he is willing to share his knowledge with more learners!

Chef Farhana Bte Nasir

Chef Farhana Bte Nasir has been working in the culinary scene since 2010. Working for various Mexican and Italian restaurants, Chef Farhana worked her way up from scratch. Becoming a capable and competent chef. In addition, she holds Asian culinary flavors and recipes close to her heart. Constantly achieving to be a excellent chef trainer among her peers. She is driven with passion and desire to teach the fundamentals of various culinary and baking recipes to her learners. She is valuable asset to Baking Industry Training College. 

Chef Jenna Koh

Chef Jenna has a tender heart of compassion and kindness to support the marginalized in society. Having dedicated her baking work for social causes and working at social enterprises including Dignity Kitchen, she confidently applies her skills and knowledge in a meaningful way to inspire elderly clients and clients with special needs at our workshops. Versatile, agile and highly adaptable, she delivers her lessons with great patience and never leaves her clients feeling inadequate at the end of her class. She makes it her personal goal in ensuring that each client brings home a bake that they can be proud of.

Chef Loh Suet Fun

An experienced chef with close to 30 years of working knowledge in pastry kitchens of major five star hotels and convention centers. Chef Suet Fun is not just skilled at baking, she is energized by any opportunity that allows her to share her knowledge. It is precisely this generosity and compassion in her that led her to volunteer in teaching and imparting skills to young Sri Lankan Tsunami survivors in 2005. Tapping on her wealth of knowledge and experience, participating in several competitive baking workshops as a panel judge to help competing participants hone their skills.

Chef Princeton Loh

Modest and unassuming worker, Chef Princeton is a confident Trainer Chef who is passionate in sharing his knowledge and skills in pastry making with every client he encounters. He enjoys decorating pastries and is eager to put his imaginative mind to create interesting designs on his pastries.

Chef Raju Senthil

With more than 20 years of experience as culinary chef in major hotels, cruises and restaurants, Chef Senthil joins BITC to pursue his interest in teaching, in the role of a Trainer Chef. He loves a challenge and participated in various competitions including Vasantham TV Channel’s Suvai – Mediacorp Food programme and Star Chef.

Chef Richard Tan

Dedicated to quality and to the pursuit of attainable perfection, Chef Richard is a respected and treasured member in any kitchen brigade. Unassuming by nature and invariably creative in his work, Chef Richard exhibits his skillful expertise as a Dim Sum sous-chef of a Michelin Star restaurant as he leads every single training workshop. Clients never fail to reserve the highest praise for his refreshing deas in spawning and crafting delectable Dim Sum dishes from larder to table.

Chef Tommy Tan

A seasoned chef who enjoys bonding with his learners through food, Chef Tommy is adventurous in experimenting and improving recipes presented to him.  This same mantra is what drove him to start his own Dim Sum business in his earlier years as a Chef.  His best moments are every moment that his learners discover their ‘a-ha’ moments at his workshops.

Chef Won Qi Yu

Chef Won graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Food Administration, Culinary Arts at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). He also holds a diploma in Culinary Science from Temasek Polytechnic. Chef Won’s culinary skills and sense of adventure led him to San Francisco, California where he worked his way up to lead chef de partie at Monsieur Benjamin, a modern French restaurant serving classic French dishes alongside tastefully modernized recipes. In his current portfolio as a Chef Trainer, Chef Won gets tremendous satisfaction from seeing his clients make progress in creating and producing their final products and sees each client’s accomplishments in the kitchen as his personal achievement.

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