Deferment Procedures

  1. Student completes Deferment Form, obtainable from Administration Department and submits completed deferment form with a written justification and supporting documents to Administrative Staff.
  2. Administrative Staff will counsel student, verify the information provided and request additional information, if necessary.
  3. Administrative Staff will evaluate the application before recommending to the Principal to approve or not to approve the application within two (2) weeks from the date of application.
  4. Principal to decide to approve or not to approve the application after considering the Administrative Staff’s recommendation and inform Administrative Staff accordingly within one (1) week of receiving Administrative Staff’s recommendation.
  5. Administrative Staff will inform the student on the student’s Deferment Request with a “Letter of Deferment” or “Letter of Rejection” within three (3) working days from the date the outcome is available.
  6. BITC will provide update the CPE, FPS provider, ICA and other regulatory bodies, if necessary within 3 working days on change of student’s course status.
  7. BITC will update the student’s records.


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