Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

BITC shall have a fair and reasonable withdrawal policy. The withdrawal policy shall be clearly communicated to all of BITC students via the website and student’s handbook.

This policy applies when a student requests to stop his/her study and ceases to be a student of BITC. BITC will take no more than seven (7) working days to process any withdrawal application upon receiving the complete relevant written withdrawal application.

BITC shall clearly explain the implication of the status of the Student’s Pass if international students withdraw from the College or are forced to withdraw from the College (e.g. caught for breaking Singapore’s law).

BITC shall regularly review and update the withdrawal policy to ensure that it remains fair to the students.

Students who wish to withdraw (or terminate) from the Course after commencement shall inform BITC in writing by filling up the relevant Course Withdrawal Form and state the reason(s) for withdrawal.

All withdrawal applications are subject to Principal’s approval.

A student who has withdrawn is required to submit a new application, subject to the prevailing fees, in order to resume his/her studies, in case of international student new application is subjected to ICA approval.

Automatic Withdrawal

A student is deemed to have withdrawn from the program, if he/she FAILS to do all of the following:

  • Attend the classes, as evidence by signing the attendance register and/or complying with other attendance tracking procedures, in duration of course
  • Make any outstanding payments within 30 days after the payment due date
  • Respond in writing to the email and/or letter sent by registered post to advise on his/her intention of continuing studies within 14 days after the date of the email/registered post
  • To comply BITC Student Code of Conduct
  • To comply attendance – students who do not meet the attendance requirement as follows may result in expulsion (deemed withdrawn)
    • International students on Student Pass ≥90%
    • Local student or Non-Student Pass Holders ≥75%
Withdrawal Procedure

This procedure applies when a student requested to stop his/her study and ceased to be a student of BITC.

Student must inform BITC Administration Department in writing and/or complete the relevant Course Withdrawal Request Form with reasons for withdrawal accompanied with relevant supporting documents. If the student is under 18 years of age, his/her guardian must agree to the withdrawal.

All requests for withdrawal are subject to Principal approval.

The student concerned will be informed of the final decision in writing within seven (7) working days. Upon approval, student will be withdrawn from their course.

Where applicable within three (3) working days from the date the outcome is available, the Administrative Team will:

  • Cancel Student’s Pass (if applicable)
  • Inform to update FPS service provider of the change of student status
  • Refund unconsumed course fees (if applicable)
  • Inform student to pay outstanding course fees (if applicable)
  • Update the student records

For automatic withdrawal cases where applicable, within three (3) working days after the 14-day response time for a student is over, the BITC Administration Department will:

  • Inform student in writing of his/her withdrawal status and to pay the outstanding course fees for consumed courses, if any
  • Cancel Student’s Pass (if applicable)
  • Inform to update FPS service provider of the change of student status
  • Update the student records

BITC will be informing and updating on the student status relevant authorities like CPE, FPS provider, ICA and other regulatory bodies if necessary. Update to relevant regulatory bodies within three (3) working days on change of student’s course status.


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