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Note: Fees indicated below are full course fees before funding.

Course Title Course Ref No.
Make Basic Breads - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0032387-FSS
Make Café-Style Breads - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0034382-FSS
Bake Artisan and Decorative Breads - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0034430-FSS
Make Basic Cakes - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0032386-FSS
Prepare Advanced Cakes - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0034219-FSS
Make Muffins and Scones - S$642 CRS-Q-0033291-FSS
Make Cookies - S$642 CRS-Q-0033306-FSS
Make Tarts and Short-Crust Pastries - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0032264-FSS
Prepare Sweet & Savoury Fillings, Sauces & Creams - S$556.40 CRS-Q-0028184-FB
Prepare Icing, Chocolates & Glazes - S$727.60 CRS-Q-0028356-FB
Prepare Basic Dim Sum Dishes - S$642 CRS-Q-0034044-FSS
Prepare Dry Heat and Moist Heat Asian Desserts (Intermediate Dim Sum) - S$642 CRS-Q-0034161-FSS
Prepare Advanced Dim Sum Dishes - S$642 CRS-Q-0033740-FSS
Make Choux Pastries - S$642 CRS-Q-0038577-FSS
Make Puff Pastry Products - S$642 CRS-Q-0038576-FSS
Make Yeast-raised Pastries - S$642 CRS-Q-0038578-MF
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Singapore Citizen
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Others, please specify
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University Post-Graduate
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‘N’ Level
No Formal Education
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Employment *
Below $1000
$1,000 - $1,499
$1,500 - $2,000
$2001 - $2,499
$2,500 - $2,999
$3,000 - $3,499
$3,500 and above
For company-sponsored staff, please provide the following details.
Funding *
No Funding
Full Course Fee (without Funding)
Normal (50% at max $15/hr or 80% at max $17/hr)
Self-Sponsored: Singaporeans between 21 to 39 yrs old/ PR
Company-Sponsored: Non-SMEs (Singaporeans less than 40 yrs old/ PR)
Enhanced - 90%
Self-Sponsored: Singaporeans aged 40 yrs old and above
Company-Sponsored: Non-SMEs (Singaporeans aged 40 yrs old and above)
Company-Sponsored: SMEs (SG/ PR)
WTS - 95%
Self/ Company-Sponsored: Singaporeans aged 35 yrs old and above and earning monthly salary of $2K or below
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Terms and Conditions
  1. Enrolment

    • BITC reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule the course or change the course fee/ venue as and when it considers appropriate or the circumstances so require. BITC’s decision is final.
  2. Withdrawal, Re-scheduling & Refund Policy

    • Refund of course fees will be based on the following conditions:

      1. More than 10 working days before course commencement date: 100% refund of course fees
      2. 4 to 10 working days before course commencement date: 50% refund of course fees
      3. 3 or less working days before course commencement: No refund
  3. Funding Requirements

    • Trainee must meet at least 75% attendance for the training and marked ‘Competent’ for the assessment to be eligible for funding.
  4. Appeal & Re-assessment

    • In the case of making an appeal concerning the assessment result and the appeal is successful, a re-assessment fee of $53.50 is payable.
Declarations by Applicant

I declare that all of the information provided by me in this application form is true and correct. I understand that any false statement(s) and/or misrepresentation(s) is/are sufficient ground(s) for the rejection of my application.

I give consent to the BITC or its appointed agent and the relevant authorities to contact me for the purpose of sending course/upskilling information and obtaining feedback on the effectiveness of training and its application to the workplace.

Once you click on "Submit Registration", you will be directed to the payment page for the Full Course Fee (for those without funding) or Nett Course Fee (after offsetting WSQ subsidy and SkillsFuture Credit). No payment will be required for those who opt to offset the total Nett Course Fee with SkillsFuture Credit.


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